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Wanna have one HELL of a time? Come play with us.

Hell's Rejects started back in 1938. Back then it was really hard to get
a game going because we didn't have any computers. Our early members used to chase each other with sticks and rocks. Soon after the clan was founded, WWII started and then HR was really fragging. The main complaint from clan members was that there was no respawning. Also, the Germans and the Japanese had no idea what "n00b" meant.
After the war, the few survivors got together and continued getting new people in the clan. That was also very hard because they didn't have XFire or even AIM. HR went on to frag in Korea and also Vietnam... And people kept bitching about campers, nade n00bs, no respawn, etc.
Eventually, computers became popular and so, in the '70s, we started our first "PONG" clan. That didn't work too well. Members needed to have the game and a phone, and then they would call each other and say how good they were and how the other guy was a n00b. In the '80s, we had a better clan, playing "Pacman" and "Donkey Kong". We lost a lot of quarters that way but honed our skills.
In the '90s, things got even better with "Quake", "Unreal" and their sequels. Not for us though... We were still playing "Pacman".
Then, suddenly, we were in the 21st century (never get in a time machine right after eating...) and started playing "SOF2". That's when we started gaming hard, playing long hours, usually until dawn (technically it's always dawn somewhere. Leave me alone).
People still complain about campers and noobs, but at least they have respawning now.


The best way to become a member is to act like a member. How do members act? Well, come to play often, meet the whole clan and then see if you like us. Why would you play with a bunch of people you don''t even know? If we like you, we will ask you to join us eventually.

Here's a few servers that we own and run, so play and have fun.

Urban Terror 4.2
Urban Terror 4.3 Euro Servers =HR= FFA =HR= CTF =HR= Bomb =HR=TDM =HR= Custom Maps TDM =HR= Warfare TK =HR= Warfare TDM =HR= FFA War =HR= Custom CTF =HR= GunGame =HR= TeamSurvivor =HR= SR8 War =HR= SniperWar
Call of Duty =HR= CoD WaW =HR= CoD MW
Soldier of Fortune II =HR= Hell =HR= Damnation

Here's a few servers that we host for a fellow affiliate KUT clan

Urban Terror 4.2

Shout Box

Shout History   

HR TeamSpeak Server

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